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EARTH ANGEL FARM Art Therapy Event 2018.  Hosted by Potential Development School For Autism, Youngstown Ohio

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THANK YOU TO LITTLE TOMMIE’S TIKI in Gulf Port, Florida for hosting the second annual “ART OF AUTISM/Gulf Port” Special thanks to our great friend ROSE ANGELICA for putting this successful show together!

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Winter Fest February 2017 Geneva Ohio


Art Therapy Grant-Administered by Mikeyfied.  Granted from Earth Angel Farm!  January 28th 2017


The 9th Annual Art of Autism 2016 The Hippodrome in Warren Ohio!

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 Owens…Drumming for Autism! World Record setting event!  24hrs Drumming  April 1st – 2nd 2016

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         The Art Of Autism 2015 at The Hippodrome of Warren Ohio

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      Learning The Art Of Autism…with Mikeyfied

This event was a paint/yoga therapy session for parents of autistic children. This event was made possible by the grantor Earth Angel Farm (EAF).  It was a big success!  Thanks to James and Julia Shuttic for instructing the class.

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Kent Heritage Festival-July 4th Kent Ohio

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  Paint it Blue-Trumbull Art Gallery in Warren Ohio April 2015


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 2014 Events

             The Art Of Autism

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