Mikeyfied Gives Respite Grants

Grants were given to four families for respite services in the amount of $300 per family!Mikey9 Mikey10 Mikey11 Mikey12 Mikey13

Mike Owens setting World Records for Mikeyfied! 24 Hours of continuous drumming in a church!

Mikey’s Song!

mikeyfiedlogo.jpgOur friend country artist ROSE ANGELICA has written and performed a song to help support The Mikeyfied Fund’s ultimate goal of building a care facility for adult autistics!  Check out the video link….or click the “Mikey’s Song” link at the top of the page and purchase the song on cdbaby! Also available on i-tunes!  All proceeds from purchase go to The Mikeyfied Fund!


credit-Natalie Campana-JVS Multi Media Class (Bloomingdale, Ohio)

Actor/Screenwriter/Producer Lou Martini Jr. supporting Mikeyfied!

LouM  Lou Martini Jr.

Actor and Producer supporting The Mikeyfied Fund For Adult Autism!

Thanks Lou!